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Because we work with exclusive dedication, with a closer treat and we give all the attention to your legal issue.  Our labour ethic makes us unique in front of other law firms: the first thing, its you.


Our goal is not only giving solutions to your legal issues, but also improving our legal services with the highest standards in the Advocacy and the bar association. 


You have at your disposal more than 60 years of professional work. Our commitment with our clients is the highest: we solve your cases with utmost  discretion.


We create a tailored made legal suit: your case is not delegated in third parties or associates. We work with you directly and personally through our Executive Partners. 



Whether you need legal advice for certain operations or if you have been sued and you do not know what to do, you will have at your disposal our Law Firm in Seville, a place to have answers to your problems.

If you want to hire a lawyer, our firm is located in the centre of Seville, very close to the Plaza del Duque, La Campana and the Plaza del Museo, only 10 minutes walk from the Plaza Nueva, the Triana neighborhood and the Arenal.

The Gamero Law Firm not only performs legal advice and judicial representation only in Seville, but we are also present in the province of Seville and its towns (Dos Hermanas, Utrera, Gines, Coria del Río ...), and other provinces and communities as Huelva, Cádiz, Málaga and Madrid, and very easily to go to the rest of the national territory.

Our place of work where we represent our clients is in the Courts (in Seville they are located in Viapol, in front of the Law School and San Bernardo station and in Avenida de la Borbolla). It is easily accessible by subway from the neighborhood of Los Remedios and Argentina and is very close to the Prado de San Sebastián.

Similarly we also offer online legal advice. What is this? Very easy, if you need an online or remote lawyer who can advise you without having to go to the physical headquarters, this is your site. Thus, we will provide you with a flexible service, with less costs and that will allow you to save without losing quality or professionalism. You can consult all your legal questions online by video call or simple phone call, email exchange, etc.


In case you did not know, in Seville there are many "boutique" offices and it is very easy to find them. It has many advantages, since it is a more exclusive and specialized legal service. But above all, it is more personal and close.

Therefore, the "boutique" Office has a smaller size, but offers a more personalized service. In our Law Firm in Seville there is no traditional ladder of junior (young lawyers), senior, associate and partner, as in multidisciplinary firms. There is a customer relationship based on tradition and good work.

Therefore, the professional fees of the "boutiques" are much more reasonable and economical, since the structure of the law firm has less fixed and indirect costs. Therefore, both the first legal consultation and the following are done differently.

 It also translates into better personal advice and a budget or price neither cheaper nor more expensive, but different. The "boutiques" are neither low-cost nor free, but a place to advise you directly and personalized by a specialist lawyer.

 "Personalized, exclusive, specialized and close"

We like to describe ourselves as a law firm in Seville "artisan", where from our experience and expertise we make legal suits tailored for each client.






 We are also closely linked to the university world, specifically to the Faculty of Law of the University of Seville. Here we have a presence in the academic field and we have participated and attended all kinds of academic events, forums, debates, conferences and presentations.


When receiving legal advice, it is recommended that a qualified professional supervises your case, and therefore, a consultation with a specialist can quickly resolve the matter.

Advocacy has changed and today it is necessary to update the way in which services are offered. Therefore, having a good lawyer is key both personally and in the business world.

These are the advantages of hiring a lawyer:


If your problem is that you need a lawyer to go to legal proceedings, it is essential to choose well. If you think a lawyer is expensive, imagine one that is not very competent.

Therefore, well-trained lawyers should not only be specialists in a certain area, but also in Procedural Law. We always evaluate all possible success options, always trying to find agreements that guarantee the tranquility of our clients.


Having a lawyer does not guarantee that all your problems are solved, but everything you do whether you are a company or a private individual is done according to the Law.


By hiring a lawyer, you get double savings. Savings in time, because delegating to a legal professional means that all your efforts are carried out by a person who is in charge of doing similar operations every day.

And also, economic savings, because being properly advised will allow you to reduce the risks of possible negative consequences and costs. The problem comes because most of the time we go to a lawyer when the problem has no solution, and that is when the costs of everything really increase.

 Therefore, it is always advisable to go to the lawyer before the problems occur, since it has a preventive purpose.


Lawyers are necessary because they advise you and inform you about what corresponds to you by law, giving you a more complete vision of reality. Knowing what your rights are is essential to understand the possibilities you have in different subjects (criminal, civil, administrative, labor ...).


Our Law Firm in Seville works mainly 8 specialties; Civil Law, Commercial Law, Labor Law, Maritime Law, Business Law, International Trade Law, Tourism Law and Data Protection. In all of them, we are experts process lists, working the Procedural Law of each branch of the Law to defend your interests.

Within the Civil Law we respond to those people who are looking for lawyers specialized in inheritance, separations, divorces, wills, traffic accidents, temporal and permanent disabilities, medical negligence, marriages, family, exclusive and joint custody, debts and express divorce And, in addition, leases, communities of owners, land clauses, IRPH, mortgages and personal loans, mortgage expenses, IAJD, IRPH, marriage annulment, schooling and foreigners.

Within the Commercial Law we work all branches of the company, bankruptcy, social security, labor contracts, corporate, commercial acts, transport law, banking, insurance, patents, brands, exports, intellectual property, consumers, sports law. We are also specialists in the Second Opportunity Law, which allows both freelancers, entrepreneurs and individuals to reduce their debt and be able to live more calmly.

Within the Maritime Law, we are qualified specialists who work with contracts for the transport of merchandise, chartering, maritime insurance claims, customs, port law, international trade, breakdowns, pleasure boats, nautical contracts, licenses.

Within the Tourism Law, we have taken issues related to housing, hotels, leases, real estate law, housing for tourist use (VFT), communities of owners and neighbors, urban sanctions, local regulations claims, Tourist Rights, claims against public transport, airlines, travel agencies, cruises, defaults, service deficiencies, problems with reservations. 

Within the horizontal property, we also advise individual owners in tax matters such as municipal taxes, surplus value, cadastre, noise, urban planning licenses, and in many cases, we successfully manage administrative contentious claims.

Within Labour Law, we will advise you on compensation, layoffs, indefinite and temporary contracts, internships, trainings, employment regulation files (ERE), negotiations with unions and termination of labor relations.

Within International Trade Law, we provide you with information and legal representation on international sales, market analysis, exports and imports, customs clearance, international transport, claims for damages, compensation.

And finally, in relation to Data Protection, we advise you on whether your business needs an evaluation of low and high risk profiles, writing of legal texts for the web (cookie policy, privacy policy and legal notice), preparation of Data Protection Impact Assessment (EIPD), Security Document and Data Processing Activities Record.


It depends. The type of case, the work that needs to be done ... but we will never charge you for the consultation, which is FREE, since it allows us to adapt better and see if your problem requires a lawyer or not. In the end it is like a motorcycle workshop: first they analyze what your vehicle needs, and depending on the need, a budget is made as economical and viable as possible that guarantees two things: your peace of mind in good hands and the warranty that you are well taken care of. 

Our Law Firm in Seville has since 1951 more than 2000 clients and about 12,000 cases worked approximately (many issues do not require judicial intervention). And in all of them, prior consultations and a legal suit have been made for each client, in order to provide the best possible service.

Therefore, we do the free consultation, because we understand that we cannot operate until we know what needs the case. It is not a free legal advice, nor is it a review, but a way of working that allows us to generate a relationship of trust both for you and for us. Therefore, like all professionals, lawyers also have their fees, but always later.

 If you are looking for a free lawyer to take the whole thing free of charge, you should go to the Justicia Gratuita, where a public lawyer will take your case if you cannot afford it. You can ask the Bar Association of the place where you have been summoned to put you a public lawyer. Currently, to qualify for free justice, you have to have income less than 3 times the IPREM.


This basic contact or consultation is FREE, since it will first allow the lawyer to know more about your case and will be able to determine if it can help you or not.

Secondly, it also allows you as a client to meet your lawyer in person, at which point he will explain his way of working and his decision on your case.

Finally, it will be useful to determine the strategy to follow, give you first advice and assess what the professional fees will cost you.