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We advise in Commercial Law to individuals, companies and other legal entities in Seville since 1951. You have at your disposal a lawyer specializing in Commercial Law who will advise you in the 4 main areas of this branch of Law: Corporate, Companies, Commercial Contracts, and Bankruptcy Law.

The consultation IS ALWAYS FREE, since in the first place it will allow the mercantile lawyer to know more about your case and will be able to determine if it can help you or not, explaining your way of working and the best possible way to proceed to give you the best solution to your matter.

We are always at your disposal and answer your questions in less than 24 hours, and given the privileged geographical position of Seville, we can assist you in all nearby provinces such as Huelva, Cadiz, Malaga, Cordoba and Granada, and a small jump from Madrid.

We have been able to combine tradition and good work with the adaptation to new virtual environments of commercial traffic and modern commercial acts: internet and new technologies. You will have a legal defence with the most current legislation in force and providing a service focused on quality and the person.

Given our specialization in Corporate Law, we focus not only with individuals, but also with entrepreneurs, freelancers, start-ups and new companies, which we promote in its creation, we accompany in its beginning of activity, we write its bylaws and regulations internal regime and we draw the most appropriate legal and fiscal scheme.

Therefore, we always seek excellence in preventive advice to reduce the costs of your company and thus avoid unnecessary legal actions and future eventualities that should not have a place in your company. The new challenges of legal advice to companies have a place here: adaptation to new markets, blockchain contracts ... but we are solid in the traditional: we create synergies to give you all the options and the best legal service to get you the most favourable result.

Our advice is TOTAL to entrepreneurs, merchants, companies and startups. Therefore, we can help you and add value to the following issues:


  • We direct your claims, among others, to other companies of any kind, insurance or insurance companies, mutual, banks, telephone companies, natural and legal persons and others of the same nature.
  • Commercial procedural law: exchange procedures and lawsuits, foreclosures and loans, monetary foreclosures.
  • Abbreviated and ordinary procedures, commercial appeals to the Provincial Hearings and Civil Cassation Resources (within the scope of the company) to the First Chamber of the Supreme Court.
  • Defense against claims by business management.
  • Administrator liability procedures.
  • Corporate crimes: unfair administration. 


  • Competition law.
  • Patents and industrial design.
  • Protection of distinctive signs.
  • Trademarks and trade names.
  • Claims before the Mercantile Registry for non-registration of subjects, acts and contracts: especially appeals against the DGRN.

In relation to MERCANTILE COMPANIES, we advise you on

  • Capital companies, especially S.A. and S.R.L.
  • Sole proprietorship and professional society
  • Franchises
  • Constitution of capital companies
  • Social contributions, social participations, actions and obligations
  • Transmission of social shares and shares.
  • Increase and reduction of capital
  • Merger and absorption of companies
  • Acquisition of companies: sale, non-monetary contributions, spin-off, capital increase, reduction and subsequent increase
  • Governing bodies: general meeting, administrators and board of directors.
  • Challenge of social agreements
  • Modification of the bylaws and other statutory changes
  • Statute writing
  • Structural modifications of commercial companies
  • Separation and exclusion of partners in capital companies
  • Dissolution, liquidation and extinction of commercial companies


  • Contracts for the sale of companies: in particular, obligations of the seller and the buyer; breach of contractual obligations; special sales; breaches and responsibility.
  • Contracts for leasing companies, business premises, financial leasing or leasing contracts. Advertising contracts Vehicle parking contract. Other "commercial" lease agreements.
  • Eviction of business premises.
  • Other forms of business transfer: capital increase and reduction, share sale, transmission of the productive unit.
  • Bill of exchange: its release, endorsements, acceptance and endorsement. Presentation to payment, payment and non-payment of the letter. Holder's defense. Promissory notes, checks and credit cards.
  • Commercial hiring
  • Commercial deposit contracts and special deposits.
  • Agency and commercial commission contracts
  • Commercial loan agreements; commercial loans of a special nature.
  • Term sales contracts.
  • Commercial bond, sponsorship letters and commercial pledge.
  • Mortgage in the commercial sphere: defense against foreclosures
  • Bank contracts: The bank current account contract, bank compensation, deposits and loans, national and international transfers and documentary credits. If you are looking for specialized advice on Banking Law, click here. 
  • Advice on the prevention of money laundering in intra-community and extra-community or international operations.


  • International Carriage of goods operations  and transport of passengers
  • Carriage of goods by road: claims for damages, land transport, combined or multimodal transport insurance, insurance coverage.
  • Maritime transports: international carriage of goods by sea, ship exploitation contracts; ship leasing, chartering, bills of lading, seawaybill, maritime passage and nautical leases (nautical charter contract), multimodal contracts. If you want to know more about Maritime Law, click here.
  • Air Transport: International carriage of goods by air, airwaybills, taxes
  • Multimodal transport
  • Claims for damage to goods on any transport route
  • Claims to insurance companies
  • Claims to airlines and shipping companies
  • Claims to sea and air ports
  • Legal advice to transport operators, freight forwarders and freight forwarders.

In relation to INSURANCE, we advise you on

  • Claims before insurance and mutual entities
  • Claims before mediators, brokers and brokers
  • Disputes for change of insurance beneficiaries
  • General conditions of the insurance contract: abusive and obscure clauses
  • Insured risks, excluded risks and extraordinary risks
  • Defense against exoneration of liability of insurers by force majeure
  • Liability insurance in the field of the company (mandatory)
  • Claims against reinsuranceInsurance against damage: valuation of damage, fire, theft.
  • Compulsory insurance: of cars and pleasure boats
  • Building or construction insurance
  • Liability insurance for directors and administrators of capital companies
  • Credit insuranceInsurance of loss of profit
  • Insurance policies for freelancers
  • Legal Defense Insurance
  • Personal insurance, especially: life insurance, accident insurance, health care insurance and death insurance.

In relation to  BANKRUPTCY LAW, we provide advice on

  • Second Chance Law (Ley de segunda oportunidad)
  • Bankruptcy of the natural person
  • Pre-bankruptcy agreements
  • Company Restructuring
  • Bankruptcy Planning
  • Punctual default of payment
  • Extrajudicial payment agreements
  • Refinancing agreements
  • Presentation of competitions: determination of the active and passive mass of the contest, bankruptcy agreements, liquidation and qualification of the contest.
  • Debt Unification
  • Debt Settlement
  • Bankruptcy Labor Law: adjustmen of workers through expedientes de regulación de empleo (ERE) y expedientes de regulación temporal de empleo (ERTE)

In relation to START UPS, SIDE HUSTLE and BUSINESS CREATIONS, we help you to

  • Choose the right kind of company that best suits your needs
  • Provide tax and accounting advice for your company
  • Adapt your company to the regulations of the General Data Protection Regulation, carrying out an Impact Assessment on Data Protection (EIPD), a Register of Data Processing Activities and the legal texts of your company's website (Legal Notice, Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy).
  • Register your brand and patents.
  • Drafting of minutes of general meetings and councils

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More and more clients are demanding more personalized assistance and treatment, and also more foreigners who come to work in Seville and international citizens who obtain their residence permit in Spain. Therefore, our Law Firm offers the same services in Spanish and English, as our clients are increasingly international, and bilingual commercial lawyers in Seville with English are needed (Lawyer or Attorney specialized in Commercial Law and Company Law in Seville ).

In this sense, whether you are a private individual or a company, we will carry out all the procedural actions in Spanish (because the official language is still in Spanish) but you will have an exclusive service in English and you can exercise your rights with the peace of mind that a bilingual lawyer takes you the case. In addition, all calls, emails and contact forms can be done for your convenience in English.

In addition, English is the vehicular language for many entrepreneurs, freelancers and start-ups who want to internationalize and expand their business beyond their borders. Therefore, we also carry out not only the drafting of contracts in English, but all kinds of agreements, assistance in meetings, negotiations, claims, policies, bank documents, sales ... we adapt to the needs of the modern entrepreneur. Exercising Commercial Law in English is no longer a problem.