CIVIL LAW: traffic accidents, leases, homeowners associations, land clauses, IRPH, mortgages and personal loans, marriages, family, separations, divorces, marriage annulment, joint custody, inheritances, wills, permanent or temporary disability, medical negligence, schooling , foreigner.

COMMERCIAL LAW: all branches of the company, bankruptcy, social security, labor contracts, corporate, commercial acts, transport law, banking, insurance, patents, trademarks, exports, intellectual property, consumers.

MARITIME LAW: freight transport contracts, charters, maritime insurance claims, customs, port law, international trade, breakdowns, pleasure craft, nautical contracts, licences.

CORPORATE LAW: General Shareholders Meetings, Board of Directors, Secretary of the Board, contract negotiation and drafting, Call of the meetings, claims regarding the rights of the Shareholders.

TOURISM LAW: specialists in issues related to housing, hotels, leasing, real estate law, housing for tourist use (VFT), communities of owners, urban sanctions, local regulatory claims, Tourist Rights, claims against public transport, airlines, travel agencies , cruises, breaches, service deficiencies, problems with reservations.

LABOR LAW: compensation, dismissals, permanent, temporary contracts, internships, training, employment regulation files (ERE), negotiations with unions, termination of labor relations-

INTERNATIONAL TRADE LAW: international sales, market analysis, exports and imports, customs clearance, international transport, claims for damages, compensation.

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