We advise on Tourism Law in Seville since 1951. Tourism Law includes several areas of Law, being our TOTAL advice to entrepreneurs, neighborhood communities, consumers and users and tourists.

The consultation is ALWAYS FREE, since it will first allow the lawyer to know more about your case and will be able to determine if he can help you or not, explaining his way of working and the best possible way to proceed to give the best solution to your matter.

We answer your questions in less than 24 hours, and not only can you find us in Seville, we will also defend your rights and interests in the nearby provinces such as Cádiz, Córdoba Huelva, Málaga, and Granada, and a small jump from Madrid.

We are a traditional office that maintains the good arts and good work of the classic offices, but with a very clear vision of the future. We have adapted to the new virtual environments of tourism contracting and modern contracts that are made through virtual platforms: internet and new technologies. That is why we are lawyers specialized in Tourism Law.

You will have a legal defense with the most current legislation in force and providing a service focused on quality and the client. Therefore, we can help you with the following questions:

In relation to TOURISM COMPANIES: Legal advice, assistance and intervention, defense and representation of the client's interests in relation to matters such as:

  • Sanctioning Procedures
  • Claims before communities of owners: challenge of agreements, modification of statutes, use of common areas ...
  • Tourist establishments in neighborhood / owner communities (Horizontal Property Regime)
  • Opening of new tourist establishments.
  • Tourist Apartments (AT).
  • Increase in category of tourist establishments
  • Modernization Plans
  • Marketing of Tourist Stays in Housing
  • Hotel groups
  • Eviction Procedures
  • Touristic Labour Law: Employment Regulation Records (ERE) and Temporary Employment Regulation Records (ERTE)


In relation to CITY HALLS: Legal advice, assistance and intervention in defense and representation of the client's interests in relation to matters such as:

  • Building and installation licenses in tourist establishments.
  • Activity Authorizations
  • Change of holder in the tourist activity.
  • Sanctioning Procedures: noise, waste, works, etc.

In relation to TOURISTS: Legal advice, negotiation and drafting of:

  • Claims to hosts (Booking, Airbnb, Homeaway ...)
    • Breaches, improper charges, equipment deficiencies.
  • Claims to hotel entities
    • Deficiencies in equipment, poor quality services, problems with reservations, collection of supplements, lack of claim sheets, no invoice delivery.
  • Claims as consumers and users
    • Airlines: lost and damaged luggage, delays and cancellations of flights. Compensation
    • Public transport: claims for damage by bus, train, travel.
    • Private transport: maritime claims for boat tickets, cruises, travel packages.
    • Travel agencies: claims before travel agencies for non-compliance, no compensation, no refund of amounts paid on account, modification and cancellation of trips.
  • Advice on drones, overflight in the urban space (fly in the city), sanctions and administrative files.

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