Maritime Law in Seville

The south of Spain is one of the most strategic sectors of Maritime Law. It has hundreds of kilometers of coastline and countless ports along it. Seville is not only important because of its importance as an axis between the different Andalusian provinces, but also because it allows us to address any urgent issue in all provinces and localities, such as Huelva, Algeciras, Cádiz or Málaga.

This closeness makes you as a customer always well attended. Therefore, we advise on Maritime Law in Seville since 1951. We are also specialists in Maritime Law. You have at your disposal a specialist lawyer who is also a PhD in Maritime Law from the University of Seville. A professional who has been conducting technical-legal research for years to solve your problems as soon as possible.

The consultation is ALWAYS FREE, since it will first allow the lawyer to know more about your case and will be able to determine if he can help you or not, explaining his way of working and the best possible way to proceed to give the best solution to your matter. We advise both owners of small boats and small boats to luxury yachts and boats and large motor boats.

Our advice is TOTAL both for individuals who need to defend their interests (shipowners, passengers on a commercial vessel...) and for freight companies and entrepreneurs dedicated to the export and import of goods. Therefore, we also address shippers, ship and freight consignees, charterers, freight forwarders and insurers. We can help you with the following questions:


  • Legal advice to companies engaged in maritime trade and the transport industry.
  • Navigation issues in relation with shipowners, shippers, naval condominiums, pleasure boat patterns, yacht captains.
  • Advice on maritime-labor law: Collaborating ground personnel, the shipping company manager, the naval manager, the ship consignee, maritime corridor, commission agents, ship captain, crew contracts, tugs and pilotage.
  • Ships and pleasure boat owners: classic sailboats, small sailboats, mega yachts, luxury yachts, schooners, catamarans, motor yachts, large motor yachts, sailboats, boats, zodiacs, jet skis or watercraft.

In relation to MARITIME-PROCEDURAL LAW, we work and advise in the following fields:

  • Quantity claim procedures
  • Breach of payment of freight
  • Shipping company liability procedures for breach of the navigability obligation
  • Ship Arrest Procedure
  • Procedure of preventive seizure of ships; seizure for maritime credits, execution and notification of the embargo.
  • Insurance claims: insured risks, exclusion of liability due to force majeure, coverage for boarding and collisions in hull and merchandise insurance.
  • Foreclosure Procedures
  • Procedure of laytime and demurrage
  • Damage claims: maritime accidents, boarding, maritime breakdowns (common breakdown, gross breakdown), forced arrival, shipwreck and sinking.
  • Forced ship sales, judicial auction and best-performing third parties
  • Procedures to limit liability for maritime credits; limitation of liability for marine pollution (damage from fuel contamination); limitation for liability for transport of harmful and dangerous substances or goods
  • Limitation of liability of ships and pleasure boats
  • Ship consignee's responsibility for stowage and poor mooring


  • Advice on ship operation contracts: charterers and charterers obligations, commercial cession contracts for ships, freight payment.
  • Ship leases.
  • Nautical leases or nautical charter.
  • Time charters, charters per trip,  voyage  charter, space charters, mixed charters.
  • Contracts for freight transport: bill of lading, bill of lading, seawaybill, maritime bill of lading, electronic bill of lading, ship reservations, BIMCO forms, claims for damage to goods, misdelivery of goods, no issuance of documents.
  • Passage contracts: content, ticket issuance, general contract conditions, carrier's responsibility, lost luggage, liability regime, claims and compensation.
  • Multimodal transport
  • Maritime insurance contracts: payment of premiums, claims to insurance companies, coverage, insurance policies, claims settlements, merchandise insurance, ship insurance, pleasure craft insurance, shipping liability insurance for third parties.
  • Towing contracts: hiring, defaults, damages, liability to third parties
  • Naval Management Contract
  • Ship consignment contract
  • Pilot contract
  • Port handling contracts: loading, unloading, stowage and unloading, merchandise retention rights (liens on cargo)

In relation to  PORT AUTHORITIES

  • Advice on port regime: port services, free competition, port fees
  • Port Handling Contract
  • Contracts for loading and unloading, stowage and unloading
  • Port sanctions: claims, defense before the Port Authority, expenses, fines, limitation of liability.
  • Guarantee rights: national and international maritime privileges, seizures in marinas, retention of yachts, other maritime credits, extrajudicial sale of yachts.
  • Advertising and registration of ships, classification of ships, agencies, compliance with safety regulations.
  • Advice on sports or recreational navigation, claims to marinas, management of procedures before the Merchant Marine, documentation of pleasure boats, responsibility for sports navigation, compulsory insurance.
  • Management of the Special Tax on Certain Means of Transport, VAT and charter licenses.
  • Vessel registration in Spain, the Canary Islands and abroad.
  • Management and preparation of contracts for the sale, construction and repair of boats.
  • Labor advice and crew contracts.
  • Administrative concessions. Buy and rent moorings in Spain
  • Arrest of vessels that land in Spain for maritime debts.
  • Claims for defects in cases of sale, construction and repair of vessels.
  • Administrative and judicial challenge of VAT and IESDMT settlements.
  • Follow-up and challenge of administrative procedures initiated by the Spanish Maritime Authority.
  • Judicial and extrajudicial management of claims against insurance companies and shipowners for incidents in Spain. In particular in cases of boarding, rescue, robbery and beached.
  • Maritime Roaming Claims


  • Advice on international trade, INCOTERMS, international operations, exports and imports, regular lines.
  • Maritime sales
  • Merchandise Delivery
  • Transmission of risks and costs in international operations
  • Transportation and merchandise insurance
  • Transport and logistics


  • Regime of civil responsibility for marine pollution of hydrocarbons
  • Sanctions and crimes
  • Limitation of Liability

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What is a maritime lawyer?

A lawyer specializing in Maritime Law or a maritime lawyer is one who has developed his professional career in the field of Commercial Law, and within it, in the maritime field. It is a specialization that covers many sectors, including public and private aspects.

Therefore, a maritime expert lawyer is a professional who not only has a command of the nautical-legal regulations (among others, the Maritime Navigation Law) but also has made a very broad deepening of Commercial Law. He is an expert lawyer in boats, ships and pleasure boats that works in both the marinas and state ports and before the Courts of Justice.

In this way, the advice also extends to other branches of Law that participate in maritime adventures, such as Civil Law, Administrative Law and Labor Law.

Where do our maritime lawyers work?

Our firm has developed the practice of law in different ports in the national territory, among which are the Courts of Ibiza, Santander, Sanlucar de Barrameda, Barcelona, Bilbao, Valencia, Vigo and Malaga, among others.

However, although we do not have mobility restrictions, by location most of our work as Maritime Lawyers is carried out in the South of Spain, whose coastal geography allows our lawyers to give maritime legal advice to our clients in the following ports of Andalusia:


  • Puerto de Sevilla
  • Puerto de Gelves


  • Puerto de Ayamonte
  • Marina Isla Canela
  • Puerto de El Rompido
  • Puerto de Huelva
  • Puerto de Isla Cristina
  • Puerto de Mazagón
  • Puerto de Punta Umbría
  • Puerto de Sanlucar de Guadiana
  • Puerto Marina de Nuevo Portil


  • Puerto de Barbate
  • Puerto América
  • Puerto de Algeciras
  • Puerto de Cádiz
  • Puerto de Chipiona
  • Puerto de Conil
  • Puerto de La Alcaidesa
  • Puerto de Rota
  • Puerto de Sancti Petri
  • Puerto de Santa María
  • Puerto de Sotogrande
  • Puerto de Tarifa
  • Puerto Sherry


  • Puerto de Benalmádena
  • Puerto de Cabopino
  • Puerto de Estepona
  • Puerto de Fuengirola
  • Puerto de La Duquesa
  • Puerto de Málaga
  • Puerto Deportivo Marbella
  • Puerto José Banús
  • Puerto de Marina la Bajadilla
  • Puerto de El Candado
  • Puerto de Caleta de Vélez