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Civil Law in Seville

Bufete Gamero, since its creation, has been closely linked to the exercise of Civil Law in Seville. We are civil lawyers specialized in family matters, inheritance and contracts. Due to our geographical location, we are able to work not only in the different provinces of the Community of Andalusia (such as Huelva, Algeciras, Cádiz or Málaga), but also throughout the national territory, with greater prominence in Madrid given our specialization in civil cassation appeals.

 The consultation IS ALWAYS FREE, since in the first place it will allow our lawyers to know more about your case and will be able to determine if we can help you or not, explaining our way of working and the best possible way to proceed on your case.

Therefore, from Seville we can address any urgent matter in all provinces and localities. This proximity means that you as a client are always well attended, with a long experience in Civil Law since 1951.

Our advice is TOTAL for individuals who need to defend their interests in family matters, inheritance or contracts, as well as for companies. We can help you with the following questions:

In relation to CIVIL CLAIMS 

  • We direct your claims, among others, to companies, construction companies, insurance or insurance companies, mutual, mediators and brokers, banks, telephone companies, natural and legal persons and others of the same nature.
  • We carry out actions on domain records, notoriety records and judicial consignments.
  • Civil Procedural Law: we work in all areas of Procedural Law: verbal trials, ordinary proceedings, exchange lawsuits, monitoring, appeals to the Provincial Hearings and civil appeals before the First Chamber of the Supreme Court.

In relation to the CONTRACTS

  • Contractual breaches and compensations.
  • Contracts of sale: real estate and personal property.
  • Leasing contracts: housing, business premises, storage, garage, rustic property, machinery, motor vehicles, leasing, renting, evictions, subleases.
  • Lease contracts for work or services.
  • Usufruct, assignment or use contracts.
  • Bail or guarantee contracts.
  • Loan and exchange contracts.
  • Bank contracts.
  • Donation contracts.
  • Arming contracts.
  • Housing contracts for tourist use.
  • Mandate and mediation contract.
  • Civil society contracts.
  • Special actions: enrichment without cause, collection of the improper, extra-contractual liability.

In relation to SUCCESSIONS

  • Inheritance.
  • Wills.
  • Hereditary substitutions and trusts.
  • Legacies.
  • Legitimates.
  • Hereditary reserves.
  • Inefficiency of the will: total and partial nullity and revocation.
  • Improvements in the wills.
  • Acceptance of inheritance by way of inventory.
  • Hereditary community.
  • Community of goods.
  • Inheritance partitions: procedures for judicial division of heritage.
  • You can check here all our services in which we can help you related to inheritance.

You can consult here all of our services in which we can help you in relation with inheritance 


  • Extrajudicial and judicial separation or divorce proceedings.
  • Negotiation of separations and divorces by mutual agreement.
  • Obligation of food, modification of measures and compensatory pension.
  • Marriage.
  • Marriage capacity and consent.
  • Registration in the Civil Registry.
  • Marriage between foreigners.
  • Separations.
  • Divorces.
  • Nullities.
  • Dissolution of ecclesiastical marriages.
  • Regulatory Agreements.
  • Attribution and use of family housing.
  • Pensions and compensation.
  • Marriage certificates: company of property, separation of assets and participation regime.
  • Liquidation of matrimonial property regime.
  • Affiliation Processes.
  • Processes of parental authority.

You can check here all our services in which we can help you related to separations, divorces and custody 


  • Advice to communities of neighbours and owners.
  • Drafting community statutes.
  • Common Regime Rules.
  • Claims breach.
  • Prohibition of tourist use of homes.
  • Holding ordinary and extraordinary general meetings.
  • Sanctions and sanctioning procedures.
  • Penalties for breach of non-monetary obligations.
  • Non-payment of fees.
  • Actions against owners.
  • Challenge of agreements.
  • Service lease contracts.
  • Common thing division.


  • Copyright.
  • Claims before the Intellectual Property Registry.
  • Exploitation rights.
  • Transmission of Intellectual Property Rights.
  • Transfer of Copyright.
  • Copyright Seizures.
  • Contracts: editing, representation and execution.
  • Protection of artistic and non-artistic works.
  • Protection of Intellectual Property Rights: legal actions in civil, criminal and administrative litigation.
  • Precautionary measures.
  • Criminal defence against reproduction, plagiarism, distribution, communication, export, import, storage and production.

In relation to LEGAL PERSONS, we provide advice to 

  • Individual entrepreneurs.
  • Liberal professionals.
  • Associations.
  • Foundations.
  • Civil societies.
  • Community of goods.
  • Commercial companies: public limited company, limited liability company, labor society, collective society.
  • Credit and insurance entities.
  • Collective Investment Institutions.
  • Economic Interest Groups.
  • Professional Civil Societies.

In relation to CIVIL LIABILITY

  • Medical negligences. 
    • Claims prior to administrative litigation.
    • Claims of patrimonial responsibility for medical negligence before the administrative contentious courts.
    • Civil liability claims for negligence produced in hospital or private centre. Actions against the insurer.
    • Criminal claims for medical malpractice
  • Civil liability for damage by drones
  • Civil liability for damages by electric scooter, bicycle and similar transport vehicles.
  • Compensation, embargoes and registration procedures Civil Liability Actions.
  • Civil liability for criminal offense: legal actions.
  • Civil liability in the transport contract: air, sea, passenger.
  • Civil liability in professionals: lawyers, architects, doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, economists, consultants.
  • Civil liability for animals.
  • Civil liability of legal persons.
  • Civil liability of company administrators.
  • Liability of parents for damages to minors.
  • Civil liability for traffic accidents.

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